Hendersonville Party Place

At Party Place Hendersonville, The CheerVille Arena is a large gym space with plenty of room for your guests to run and play. This area includes:
  • Three section bounce house obstacle course with slides
  • 40′  trampoline that leads into a crash mat
  • 11,000 sqft of added play space for many games and activities
  • 2 hours in the CheerVille Arena playtime

This arena is available for parties on Friday and Saturday. The rental fee is $250 and can be Booked by clicking here!


Nerf Gun Party Add-On – $50

How could you have any more fun than a party in a large gym; with mats for forts, a load of Nerf guns, and a giant bucket of ammo? All the kids will have a blast! Party Place will provide all of the eyewear, Nerf Guns, and ammo that you could ever need for up to 20 guests!

Birthday Cheer Routine Add-On – $50

Have your entire party learn a special cheer routine from one of our professional cheer coaches! You won’t want to miss this opportunity that is specially crafted for your child’s birthday party!


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